26 de April de 2021 // Team Pereira da Cruz

Thank you, Maria

Tempo de Leitura //

Intellectual property is a field which requires from lawyers the understanding and humility to recognise, without reservations, that a complete and competent professional performance includes a strong team work component.

At PCA, we have had the possibility of working with excellent professionals from different technical fields, among them pharmacy and biotechnology, who helped us build an exceptional multidisciplinary team.

We therefore cannot but recall that for almost five years, PCA had the great privilege to work as a team with Maria Nogueira Leite, a consultant for pharmacy and regulation matters and a partner and Technical Director at PhaRegistrum, Lda. – and, above all, a good and dear friend of ours.

During the time that she assisted us, Maria was always extremely competent and always available to us. No question was impossible to solve and no time of the day or night was off limits.

We always made a point of thanking her for all her commitment and professionalism shown when handling the matters for which we requested her assistance and even now that she is no longer with us, we will continue to be grateful for her example as an accomplished, polite, affable and warm person.

At the beginning of this new stage for PCA, there is no better way to start than paying her this tribute.

Thank you, Maria.

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