25 de April de 2021 // Team Pereira da Cruz

Welcome to MADE IN IP

Tempo de Leitura //

We all share in common the privilege of working in such an exciting field as intellectual property (IP).

More than an extremely interesting area of law, IP gives us the chance to truly get to know the activities of companies, creators and authors, in particular their technical, artistic and marketing competencies.

IP also offers us the opportunity to come into close contact with legal systems in literally every corner of the world, through both our handling of cases in a variety of countries and our intervention in “multinational” proceedings that take place simultaneously in several jurisdictions, requiring concerted action between everyone involved – as often happens, for example, in major patent cases.

IP is multidisciplinary by nature, involving the joint (and coordinated) intervention of professionals from very diverse fields, including lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys, engineers, designers and economists, among others.

We think that 26 April, World Intellectual Property Day, is the perfect date to launch this project.

We aim to be a forum for the presentation and discussion of IP matters in all their aspects – technical, artistic, business. And legal too…

We encourage the free exchange of different points of view regarding IP issues, even ones that we may not necessarily defend in our professional life.

Welcome to MADE IN IP!

The opinions and views expressed on this Digital Platform are solely those of their authors. These opinions and views do not necessarily represent those of Pereira da Cruz e Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, R.L. or J. Pereira da Cruz, S.A., and their staff or any contributors to this Digital Platform.
They also do not consist of legal or technical advice, so we advise you to contact a lawyer and / or official industrial property agent if you have any questions or concerns regarding these matters.