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Anti-counterfeiting operation in Valença

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The Portuguese Authority for Food and Economic Safety (ASAE), through its Natioanl Information and Criminal Investigation Unit (UNIIC) and further to a raid conducted in the town of Valença, seized 4,902 counterfeit articles (clothing, footwear and textile accessories) with a total estimated value of € 71,066.40.
During this raid they also seized a firearm of 6.35 mm calibre, two loaders, 58 ammunitions of various calibres and also three grenade components.
A seizure of € 6,900 in cash was also made during this operation, an amount suspected of resulting from the illegal activity carried out by the infringers.
In their press release, the ASAE mentioned that they “(…) will continue to monitor the phenomenon of the sale of counterfeits, enforcing the protection of industrial and intellectual property of the owners of the brands affected and guaranteeing the protection of consumers”.
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