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🖼 World Photography Day

Tempo de Leitura //

In 1839, 181 years ago, the French Academy of Sciences recognised at worldwide level the invention of Louis Daguerre – the daguerreotype (the predecessor of cameras) – a fact which marks the World Photography Day.
Although the digital age has trivialised photography, photos are a creation of the human mind and therefore considered as intellectual works, hence their protection is legally stipulated within the scope of intellectual property.
Here are some curious facts about photos:

  1. The biggest still camera in the world was built in 1900, which was 4 metres long and weighed 640 kilograms;
  2. The photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue, The Beatles crossing Abbey Road and the Afghan Girl are considered to be the three most famous photos in the world;
  3. Steve Sasson was the person responsible for the creation of the first digital camera in the world. He developed this invention at the laboratory of the Eastman Kodak Company in 1975.
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