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International Port Wine Day | 27th January

Tempo de Leitura //

Port wine represents Portugal to the world and is also an essential product of the national economy. The history of Port wine has its origins in the Douro region, in the north of Portugal. In 1675 the appellation Porto was truly recognised, its name originating from the famous port city that was already shipping these wines to the rest of the world.

In 1756, the demarcated Douro region was established and regulated, thus creating the first Controlled Designation of Origin. In 1971, specifically on 28th October, the appellation of origin Port Wine was applied for.

The relationship between Industrial Property and Port Wine is longstanding, both through the registration of the appellation of origin Port Wine and through the registration of trademarks and patent protection relating, for example, to production processes, treatment methods and so on.

Port wine has achieved remarkable status, reputation and well-known character on both the national and international markets, with some national brands being positioned in luxury segments on certain markets. This is a sector which never stops growing, innovating and reinventing itself.

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