15 de March de 2024 // pca-admin

Did you know that the law in Portugal which established the legal protection regime for the Olympic Symbols, known as the Olympic Properties, is Decree-Law No. 155/2012 of 18 July 2012?

Tempo de Leitura //

With just a few months until the start of the 2024 Olympic Games, which will take place in Paris from 26 July to 11 August, we would like to clarify the legislation currently in force in Portugal regarding the use of the Olympic Symbols in the exercise of any economic activity, which requires the express written authorisation of the Portuguese Olympic Committee.

Without this authorisation, it is forbidden to use the Olympic Properties, including duly protected official brands, in any way, namely for commercial, sporting, association or other purposes.

Another interesting fact, but at global level, about every edition of the Olympic Games is the need to create a logo for the Organising Committee. This logo should represent the city where the event is being held, its culture and the ideals of the Olympic Movement.

Therefore, the final logo that is eventually filed for registration as a trademark, among other forms of protection, is not just an image of the Games, but a representation of a global message of the history of each edition.

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